Hide and Seek Issue

I am working on a hide and seek game, but I’m having a hard time with moving the seeker to their designated place at the right time, can anyone help?

Could you give more context?

You have the relay (I’m assuming) teleport them to their starting spot. Or, make a spawn pad with the team number of the seeker.


when do you want them to go to their designated place?

If you mean like a certain amount of seconds after game start, you could use a wire repeater with a delay.

Also make sure you have a relay for their team so that it doesn’t teleport the host there (because lifecycles broadcast to the host without a relay)

So, I’m trying to make sure that when the map is chosen, the seeker gets teleported into their own area to wait, but I’m struggling with teleporting them at the right time.

what time do you want them to be sent into there?

@LlamaLady22 idea seems good I would recommend trying that

Around the time the map is chosen, a fifteen second delay.

What do you mean by “the map is chosen”?

im assuming you mean there are many different areas for the people to hide, so they choose one of them? just making sure tho just in case you mean something else

Something like that.

how is the map chosen? do they press a button or something?

I’m not sure on how to do this because I recently started, can you explain more?

so you do not yet know how they choose the map?

I know how they choose the map, I just don’t understand the solution much.

can you explain to me how they choose the map?

They choose the map with a small menu made with popups. When the map is selected, it sends a notification out and activates a trigger, that teleports the players after fifteen seconds.

so the trigger has a delay of 15 seconds?

yes, it does. after the delay is up, everyone gets teleported to the map. And that’s where I’m having the problem. The seeker is teleported there too.

do you have a relay?

I have a relay. I used it for the team switcher