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So I am making a Hide and Seek game, but I am having a hard time with mechanics. I want for team 1 (seekers) to be frozen for 30 seconds after game starts, and then be able to move. I want team 2 (hiders) to be able to move to find a hiding place for 30 seconds, before being frozen for the rest of the game.

Here is the mechanics I have for Team 1 Seekers:

Life Cycle (game start) — Wire repeater no delay ↔ Wire repeater 1 second delay - increments counter (target value 30) — sends notification (ready or not…) AND item granter grants 10000 bait (this is what is needed for movement meter)

Team 2 Hiders:

Life cycle (game starts) - grant item (10000 bait) and Wire Repeater ( no delay) <—> wire repeater 1 second delay — Increment counter (30 sec target) — Notification (ready or not) AND item granter MINUS 10000 bait.

I have absolutely no clue what I am doing wrong. Thank you for your help!

one moment

What is the current result?

note that instead of using a counter, just use a single wire repeater with 30 sec delay
for both teams btw

neither person moves

I will try that. One moment

Use a relay and speed modifiers instead of movement meters.

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A classic case of me extensively over thinking it… Thanks, that works!

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