Hey was wondering if it possible to copy and paste block code?

this will help me with one of my maps not taking 20 years

You cannot copy code from one coding area to another coding area.
You should take screenshots of your code and copy them down block by block.

dang really? thats going to take mad long lol, they should make it possible, i was thinking if you did the code once, then copied the dvice the block code would copy too :confused:

Copying devices does copy code.

hmm it didnt work for me hold up lemme screen shot

hmm nvm must of been a glitch didnt work before when i tried, thank you Inky, sorry for waisting your time, just wondering how come u cant copy wires?

uhh Ctrl c? Ctrl v?? XD idk I don’t use blocks that much

yeah dont work for block code

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yeah copying code is impossible form one coding area to another like @InkyDarkBird said

If you copy devices it will copy the code though like @InkyDarkBird said again

copying wires is impossible, sorry

copying a piece of code in one coding area is possible though by right clicking

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because copying wires is only possible between 2 devices that are the same, but it would be useful that wires were also copied when you copy 2 devices

You can copy the device, which should copy the code inside. Hope this helps!

Ty everyone for your help

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