Hey josh i need explanation

so before we only had 3 maps and then 2 days before the season update the creative menu said 3 of of 10 maps I got so excited so i made a new map and now it says 4 out of 3 maps. WHY.

Josh most likly will not respond, but he will read your post, if I had this issue I would export the world and then delete it. Then I would restart your device. It should fix it.

all the worlds work im just sad i have to pay for it

my devise restarts every day and it still works

Its because it only saves the maps you’ve opened and named, your pro trial probably ran out.

cool. Will i be banned for it tho

Well I honestly don’t know and by the way I solved you of post queston on the respawner.

banned for what?

If you previusly bought pro and you still have the map, it is not your fault, its on gimkit’s end. You should not get banned for that.

mabey exploiting or something like that

no i never bought pro

So why did @Vortex-Mist say this? It makes the most sense.

I dont know one day it just said 3 out of 10 maps and so I thought it was a new map update. so I made more maps.

Im not sure where my screenshots are but I know I was going to report it but then I thought naw I want those extra maps

The Gimkit Team said this is not a bug and intentional, and this is okay if you occur this.

i want that to happen to me!

welcome to the community @Jadan!

Welcome to the Community @Jadan!