Hey I need some help

I need help making changes on my Fortnite map the picture is Patrick Mahomes

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Hi, check out the battle-royale tag.
I will assist you with this question,

that does not help me you have to play my map to

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Sry I can’t do that…

There is a policy on this forum not allowing codes to be shared :frowning:

it is on disovery you know

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I can’t find it.

Also, to make it easier,
I suggest you add pictures of what is wrong to help the community with your issue.
Provide a description if possible

Here are some pictures

I can’t find it ether

if you want to add a custom picture, you can use the pixel art guide!

i found this idea from the summary of the post btw

I will try what is the name? Patrick Mahomes?

sorry we can’t share publish links here , @THEHACKER120

No that is the picture not the name I think the name is The best Fortnite or the best Gimnite

Oh yeah then I can’t probably find it. If yours isn’t popular it dosen’t pop up and since there’s like hundreds of Fortnite and GIMNITE ones, your out of luck

Also, Fortnite isn’t allowed in GKC. For Copyright reasons.


Just cause everyone does it doesn’t mean it’s okay.


no i mean the GKC people do no care

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They do care. They are either just very busy or on vacay. Or it just hasn’t been reported.


no i mean the people that make the map sorry

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Yes, they don’t care or maybe, they’re not aware that it’s not allowed.