Hey, I need a thumbnail, for a gimkit-mario game (artist will be credited)

Thanks for who ever does it!

What do you want for it?

you mean a mario kart game?
what’s the game called?
what is the game???

Can we free style on the thumbnail?

like a mario platformer @CringeKarlScott , im making a game @gimmaster12345

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sure i dont mind!!!

Okie freestyle’d thumbnail coming up

you dont have too but it would be cool like a mario gim


Thats pretty fire man thanks!

Np happy to help

@gimmaster12345 Do you have any suggestions for the map?

Easter eggs and lore, the usual.

@gimmaster12345 you think i should add any iconic things from mario in it? or should it be completely original

Keep it

ok cool thanks for the ideas

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Can I help make a thumbnail

For sure all are welcome

@The-realgimkitMaster go a head man