Hey guys! I'm new here. Can you give ideas on a new farming game I'm working on?

come and help me make a new farming game!!!


You could make a barn


what is the goal of the game

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do you have to get a certain amount of some thing

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js remember no posting codes here :smiley:


the goal of the game is to start of with some money then buy more items to upgrade.

how much money will you need

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to start the game you will get 100$

do you have that setup?

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make the crops not worth much money

do i have the setup to start the game

do you need seeds to crow the crops

the life cycle (with game start) connected to the reply with audience of all players, then connected to an item granted that gives 100 cash

i want to post a code so you can help me but i cant

you cant here, it has to be on a padlet or a wix

ok that is a start but how do i make it to give cash

what did you add so far? (for the 100 cash thing at start)

well it didnt save my world

just do what I said earlier for the 100 cash at game start

ill try it real quick

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