Hey guys i need some help on crafting

So I need help on crafting right now i have the whole crafting guide together but when i go into the zone the button doesnt activate at all why is this??

What guide did you use?

Uhhh hold on let me check lol

Maybe re-check all the steps and make sure everything’s right?

it’s cryto raider’s own

did that twice already and I even deleted everything and re did smh-

Uhm do ya’ll wanna see my settings for everything??

well not everything but the thinks with the button

The checker is the one activating the button, so make sure you have enough items for the crafting when you go in the zone.

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Oh ok lemme re check that lol

it works! Thanq very much :smiley:

Uhm wait one more problem now the button activates but the one set of items(raspberry) doesnt craft but yhe blueberries does making my craft not being able to craft

Do you mean the raspberry doesn’t get taken away, unlike the blueberry?

Coreect is right thats exactly whats happening

I think that’s because the vending machine only takes away one item. Since the checker already checks if you have the berries on hand, you can just connect the button to item granters taking away -1 of the berries (you will need two item granters) and an item granter granting the crafted item.

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Would i need to unhook the vending machine or anything else?

Unhook the vending machine for now

So replace the machines with item granters??