Hey guys i need some helo

It still doesnt work :frowning:

The wire starting at the checker going to the trigger should be set for check passes as well.

doesnt work still wut else should i have?

Can you tell me what’s going wrong?

Are you still respawned, or is something else happening?

Uh no only thing happeninhg is nth :confused:

Do you have an overlay showing the number of snowballs?

Can you show me the wire going to the item granter that grants -1 snowballs?

yes and it WONT go down

The wire to the item granter should be on check passes.

and it is on check passes anything else? lol

I really don’t know. You might want to check the guide to see if it is exactly the same. Just check that everything is active on game start. I’ll ping @ClicClac to see if he can help you. I have to go in a bit.

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hahahah YESSSS!! @getrithekd I got it tysm for encouraging me not to Give up! I appreciate this SO So much


If it’s done, remember to mark a solution!

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Uh actually wait i need help now again lol why when it respawns and you go back again it doesnt work whi is this??

Aren’t you the guy who’s making a gift for your friend? Bro you better not give up, that’s just messed up if you do. I know how you feel if you want to give up. Some guy on wix came an deleted my whole map when I needed help on my among us map. You just gotta get in da flow! Now I’m almost done with my among us map :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: That is so sad that he deleted it and now I’m getting through with this I’m nearly done !!! Thanq also for supporting me @shinyrowlet But now this question is closed stay tuned for when i meet a next issue :slight_smile: hahaha

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If you give up I will find where you live! (jkjkjkjk pls don’t flag)

lololol do not worry i won’t flag it :smiley:

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