Hey guys i need some helo

so i’m making a breath metre for a pond when you go in and i followed clic clac’s guide but everytime i enter it respawns me EVEN tho i have “Air” I really need some help on this and also just as a FYI the inwater and onland parts are seperate by seperate i mean when you enter the water it teleports you to deeper water as if you dived so yeah

Can you tell me the set-up that triggers the respawn device?

It may be due to AUO where it checks if you have 0 air before it grants you the air, so make sure the wire that grants you the items was made first.

oh and P.S the game overlay doesnt even work which is SO ANNOYING and yes I’ve gone over it over AND over making sure i followed all steps right

uh well You spawn in with air ad then when it’s to take away air you just die immediatley :confused:

Make sure the wire setting on the checker is check passes, not check fails. Also, send me screenshots of the checker’s setting.

Screenshot 2023-09-03 151514

What’s the second check?

same as the first check lol

Did you make sure the wire setting is check passes? Also, how much snowballs do you get in the game?

10 snowballs you get and also i put it to check passes and now it works i dont respawn… At all lol the snowball count doesnt even go down

I meant for the wire connected to the respawn device. That one should be check passes while the one connected to the trigger should be check fails.

Uhm yeah still no snowballs being taken :frowning:

air* lolololol Mb but ig i can call it SB

Can you show me the system where the snowballs are taken away?

Screenshot 2023-09-03 152714

Like the whole device system and what takes it away.

Can You j o i n the game and you can see yourself??

Don’t post the code here

if u want the code is