Hey guys i need a thumbnail please

I need a thumbnail for my game!
and its a platformer

Game name: The Jungle

Gims: daisy, peggie, sprout

Gim actions: whatever you think looks good

Setting: at a the jungle

Hand-drawn or Photoshop: hand-drawn

if you can make one i would be really grateful!
(when i get the thumbnail im not going to publish my game im just having the thumbnail ready)

I know this was twelve hours ago but maybe someone could help? I have no time to.

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yea i know i posted this topic like a 9:25 and not much people were online i think

is this a platformer or a top-down?

its a platformer

okay then, ima start at 12:00 today cuz i have to study for a major test


@Gimkit4 im going to go offline till like 4:00 I think so see ya later

@GIMKIT.CREATIVE Im finally done with the thumbnail here it is:

im sorry i went beyond the gim limit

yikes Gimkit4… hopefully he doesn’t mind… I think it’s really cool though!

hey guys im back and i really want it hand-drawn please

It’s a great attempt in Adobe Express! Improvement: You can try moving Josh or adding wings, because it looks like he is floating.

The problem is I didn’t use Adoble, I used Paint 3D

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I can’t help, but the first one looked good, just a bit sketchy on the edits. Maybe if it were hand-drawn, like @GIMKIT.CREATIVE suggested, it would look better.

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