Hey, Anyone wanna help me with my Hide and Seek Map?

Its about Area 51 and stuff and I need a lot of help i’m a small creator
idk if you’ve heard of Mega Mall Hide and Seek that’s one of mine anyone ill post the link thanks.

yea sure ill help you make it

thanks dude I really appreciate the help @GameCreator1

I’ll help you make it. Is that still the code or has it changed

Yes that is the code its like an Area 51 hide and seek map

bro fusion it me from academy connect

Who are you? Idk what your talking about but Hi!

It me the kid with name start with g

Ok, Still don’t know but Hi

Is anyone joining the code?

bro i sat next to u on the couch how u not know

ill joln but i need the code

the code is farther up game creator

codes are not allowed here


I apologize Foxy Ill delete this

ok im in ur game dude

fusion let me be able to edit

@Foxy I apologize Im new to the Gimkit forums I do not know the rles and Im trying to stay out of trouble

ill change something bc i know how to make something easier

fusion let me edit pls