Hey anyone wanna help me make a zombie apocalypse map?

in the map it would be a basic house/base a small town some loot chests and don’t forget zombies! so anyone wanna help?

would It be like an RPG or a quest

rpg game definitely then i could host them live

You can’t put codes here. It’s not allowed here. Use other guides about art to make your zombies and buildings. Welcome to the community though. Read new-user-must-read and forum-tips and the forum rules.

But they didn’t put a code here.

They were going to though, so I was just letting him/he know.


If you wish to post codes, you can jo¡n the site in my pf with over a 1000 members. However, codes are not allowed here.

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Try: The Ultimate Guide to Building a House For the town

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You can also make you stuff 3d for a better look like @Lolo did here:

It looks great when you use it in your maps as well.

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do you have a code to help you?

I would but im currently trying to resolve something with gimkit and can’t help

no codes allowed….

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well if you could tell me how to joln i would appreciate it

Just click the link and click request to Jo¡n.


i did i am just waiting