Helping with sentrys

How do you make pixel art and put it on top of a sentry?

Go to the layers tab (top-left-corner) and make sure all the textboxes are above the sentry device.
(Ah, the pain!)

I think the layers tab is in the top-left-corner. But other than that @Haiasi has it right.

Yep, just got confused.

Also, congrats on Regular (@trust_level_3), @I-am-helpful!


Hey, congrats!

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What does he mean on top of a sentry.

congrats @I-am-helpful

I meant make in the layers tab.

Like if you placed the pixel art over the sentry so it looks like the sentry’s skin is different.

Oh, alright, i did not know you could do that.


Congrats on reaching regular!

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