Help with Triggers, Teams and Teleportations

I’m trying to make a player to step on a trigger that will add a count to a counter. When the counter reaches a maximum number, I want the player to teleport to a random area, but not when the game starts. To make things more clearer, how about this:


So, a player on the opposite team will trigger a trigger when they discover a hidden place. When the player triggers it, it activates a counter that goes to its maximum number.


I want the player on the opposite team than the player from the one who triggered it the trigger to then teleport to a random area, HOW CAN YOU DO IT, is there a possible way to do this?

Thank you so much for helping me!!

So make the trigger increment the counter by 1. When reach target, make it broadcast a message to how many random areas you have using teleporters. So 5 teleporters, 5 random areas. Make them all do when receiving on a channel, they teleport there. Should work.

Incase you don’t know, if multiple teleporters receive the same channel at once, I think its randomized.


Okay @Txme_Lxss, sorry for the late reply. Also, do I also need a relay to wire it to the teleporters around the map since the other team teleports but not the other team who released or stepped on the trigger. And also, it’s good to know that the teleporters will then be randomized :slight_smile: .

Trigger triggered → increase counter. Counter target reached → teleport player to teleporter.

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That or have the triggers time laps as like 1.5 seconds or greater.

Trigger time laps?

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Um, regular triggers.

yeah, in the trigger when it says time before action in the setting. AFK real quick.

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Okay, thank you! I will try all of your suggestions out.