Help with thumbnails + more

@Morepeko8 Could you pleasssssse make me a medevil thumbnail called The King’s Castle. There are two teams and 1 is Guards 2 is Rebles the host(King) is on team 1, i really want your art. it is amazing! if you can email it to me @ And I will make a new post so you can give it to me. Pleassssse!. Also I need like 20 custumly made gims like the one @Nixximon made here:


I’ll do it, but bc u need 20 custom gims,it might take me 5-9 days. Hope that’s ok

ok. email my it using that email

I can take 2 off your shoulders i want make some

It’s ok. Ty tho!

@Nixximon make sure to email them to the email provided

They said no its okay

who said no? @Nixximon

oh, nevermind, you can still make me some, how about you make me 5

For further clarification it has to knight or rebel themed?

no but could could through some in there

You know what? @Nixximon, if @Mattnosport wants to, can YOU make the thumbnail 4 him? I am a bit over crowded with thumbnails, so it would be nice of course if he agrees u do it? That ok?

No not okay i just want to make characters, 20+ is to much for one person

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Ok then! We can team up together for the thumbnail?

Thats a better idea how about i do 10 you do 10?

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Ill try! Im make breathtaking’s one


You guys are awesome!! I love it!

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I sent check your outlook

got it @Nixximon . thanks