Help with the ui

im new here and im not sure how to get to where I can create my own map for a game mode can anyone help me please?

Oh ok :slight_smile: click on the button that says creative, then you could make a map in the section where it says my map.

hello and welcome to the city of chaos the fourms, i hope you enjoy your stay @SQUIRTK0BAIN

do you know where i can create maps by chance?

Welcome @SQUIRTK0BAIN to the community where there is too much drama, i hope you enjoy your stay here :slight_smile:

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if you click on creative, scroll down, create map, give it a name, then you can build using the plus on the top right

and then

There will be a green button to create a new map in the 2nd image.

thank you very much for the help

your welcome don’t forget to mark a solution (that will be the person who helped the most) if you have questions about building your map, then you should make a new topic asking exactly what you need (if your going to show screen shots make sure to remove the c0de by blacking it out, and don’t share c0des, or advertise what ever your making, like im going to release the game at this time and heres the link to it)

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welcome @SQUIRTK0BAIN how you enjoy your time here in the wonderful land of Gimkit Forms

(like @Lostsea3 said)

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