Help with teleportation issue

I need help with teleoporting all players to one spot using a teleporter but when I use Lifecycle (Game Start) > Relay (All Players) Relay (All Players) > Teleport Here (Teleporter) it doesn’t work, so what do I do?

If you want it to happen on game start just use a spawn pad. It saves time.

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Game Start > Broadcast on channel X

Teleporter > When receive on channel X > Teleport players here (global scope)

Edit: You could also wire the lifecycle to the teleporter

Depends what they’re trying to do specifically… So I just gave the direct answer lol.

I don’t think you need a relay. You can just lifecycle—> teleporter right? (make it global)

Sorry if I am unclear here,
So what you should do is just wire the lifecycle to the teleporter

But i need them to teleport to somewhere after and plus its a turn based game so if they get knocked out they will respawn there instad of where I want them to be

You could add another lifcycle (set this one to when player knockout) and wire it to the same teleporter

Pretty sure I answered the question lol… You should probably be more specific if you’re looking for something specific.

ok i should have been more specific but when I tried it, it didn’t work :frowning:

Wait wat? Here, I’ll send some pictures in a minute if that works for you?

@jjnitzan this worked thanks some things didn’t work at all for some reason lol

no no that’s fine your first answer worked

ping him so that he comes back.
(I think it works)

okay i will gimmie a sec

Had to go afk for a min lol…

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