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How do I make it so when a sentry gets knocked out, everyone on the team of the person that ko’d the sentry gets an item? Right now, I have it so when a sentry gets knocked out, it broadcasts on 3, which triggers a trigger set to apply for the whole team, which is wired to an item granter to give two cash. This doesn’t work though, and only the person who knocked out the sentry gets the 2 cash.

Welcome to the forums @ZBles2000 , I never did that before… maybe someone else could help

Team relay it?
Just use a relay to apply it to a whole team

Here you go!


Change the knockout manager to sentry and the relay to “all players on my team”. Then set the item granter to grant whatever item you want!


Yeah, so when a sentry is knocked out it broadcasts a channel that goes to relay that is set to “Triggering players team” and one for the triggering player then make the relay broadcast to item granter.

Exactly what they said

Thank you! I didn’t know what the relay device did, I never used it before. I also did this without the knockout manager and just using the when sentry knocked out channel because I want different sentries to give different items.

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Oh! in that case, repeat this setup for each sentry, and replace the knockout manager with the sentry.
If you want different groups of sentries to drop different items, have each group send on different channels, and repeat the setup for each group, remove the knockout manager, and set the relay to relay when recieving on the corresponding channel.


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