Help With Team Switchers

How Do I Make A Team Switcher That Evenly Puts The Players Into 2 Teams


the way i know how to do this is by going into map documentation and setting the teams as evenly split.

Like, Do I Go To The Docs?

no. Click on settings, click on first button. (Map Options.)

Do I Select The Split Into Size Option?

Uh yes. Into 2 teams.

Do I Make The Team Size Into 2?

Yes, split the size into two teams.

basically, you don’t really need team switchers unless you want the game to split them into 2 teams evenly when game starts.

I Want That To Happen. How Do I Do It?

try asking @wingwave, @WolfTechnology, @Shdwy, or @Haiasi. THey might be able to help.


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Go into the

  1. Map options
  2. Navigate to Teams
  3. Set Teams to Specific team amount
  4. Set Number of teams to 2
  5. Set Team placement to Split Evenly

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Thank You Jobozo! I’m Using This For My BedWars Map. And Yes, I Will See The BedWars Guides.

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