Help with tag zone

I am new to Gimkit creative :frowning: . I have not been able to make my tag zone work. I have made different teams and team one are the only ones allowed to be a tagger. I have tried activating it with a button. I’ve also tried channel transmits. PLS HELP

You sure that you have set the teams to corresponding teams?

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Welcome to the forum, both of you! Can you tell me what settings you put in the tag zone? As @Scriptshy said, make sure you set it to team one.

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i made a video to help but I dont know how to send it does that work?

im not new lol, been here since may

Oh didn’t notice lol. This was the first time you posted so it showed the little icon to welcome you to the community

Are you “Scriptea” from the discord?

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Welcome to the forum, @Scriptshy and @CJALLDAY_12! Check out the beginner-must-read for info about the forum!

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rip, don’t mention me in Welcome messages.

i joined the forums in May

Oops, sorry about that.

Weclome to the Community @Scriptshy I can’t believe it took you this lnog to get on the Forum. And hows the Gimit Fandom and Discord going?