Help with storing, encoding, and decoding data (technical, do not reply if you are not experienced in technical Gimkit)

so i’m making a music game called gimbeats
you have four pressure plate thingies, each triggering a different note, and you have to play along to the music.

above, it shows you the button you currently need to press.
next to that, it shows the next one coming up.

i know that i can simply have a property that stores the entire sequence of notes as numbers, but do you know the simplest way i could do this? (storing the data, decoding the data)

You map each beat to a number or symbol, and a symbol of choice to some period of time.

You can loop through a trigger going 1 by 1 through each note or whatever, and when you the symbol of choice appears, you send a broadcast to a trigger or something that waits a chosen amount of time before heading back to the loop.

Since there’s not really anything like dictionaries in Gimkit, there’s no real reason to use numbers in particular.

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yeah that’s what i’m currently doing

What specifically are you trying to find out then? The simplest way in Gimkit is almost always a loop for something like this.

ok then never mind i guess


Maybe every digit in the property is a line, like so:

_ _ _ _: 0
_ _ _ O: 1
_ _ O _: 2
_ _ O O: 3
and so on, until you get to
O _ _ O: 9
O _ O _: This would be 10, but here we switch to A.
O _ O O: B
and so on.
O O O O would be F.

wait nevermind

also omg i just found the audio track file for hip hop neon hehe
here yall go if anyone wants it, i put it on this audio sharing website

You could make a consistent time between notes, maybe 1 second, or half a second, and have a number that represents each a different note. 0 for nothing/rest, 1, 2, 3, and 4 each being a different trigger. Then have a text string with all the numbers going in the note pattern. Every certain amount of time, the same amount of time in between the notes, trigger a trigger that increments a property, then checks the character number of the property of the text string. You can then write different notes based on the returned value.

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i have found that the time between notes is around 0.6
so every note can just be one digit, yay!

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that is already what i was going to do but i’ll give you the solution since you thought of it too

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