Help with sentry trouble

For some reason none of the sentries are appearing when I press start on the map. Any fix?

I feel like I messed up a setting. Anybody?

what are the settings for your sentries, and maybe they just are showing up due to lag

I created a brand new sentry, the thing wouldn’t work, ill do a lag test really fast.

It didn’t help. I don’t understand.

One of these might be the problem

  1. Maybe your sentries aren’t active on game start? Look in all options
  2. If your inventory item slots (in map options) are set to 0, sentries won’t spawn and that was probably intentional (correct me on that if i’m wrong) because you won’t have anything to fight the sentries
  3. If you have a lot of sentries in one area some of them might not show

Also the lag is probably not the problem because gimkit is optimized and won’t really lag a lot unless you are on an old potato device

From experience, it’s probably #3.

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I didn’t know number 2 was a thing, that kinda sucks.

It was #2, but #3 sounds like a problem.

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Well, there goes ten months of on the job training! [1] Glad you solved your problem though!

  1. Months of academy training, wasted! ↩︎

What? Do you work at gimkit?

Not going to lie, I wish I did. I’ve just spent a significant portion of my last year here.

Buh, (same but on my LAC).

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