Help With Quite Possibility The Weirdest Game 🙏

This game is supposed to make light of the weird games on the discovery page. I mean, can you make a game that’s actually fun while also being weird?
A little context so you don’t spam me asking why the frick I made this.
It all started when I made Gims & Deception. after me and my friends played that, they started begging me to add weird ideas to the game. I decided I wouldn’t add it to Gims & Deception, rather a more competitive game. so here I am.
It kinda like build to survive games on Roblox. there are two sides- Normies and Weirdos. the Normies build bases to survive against upcoming waves, and have to have a constant supply of food and water. they have to protect the core of the base. its a computer. turning it off ends their social media life!! however, on the Weirdos side, you’re trying to turn the computer off. on the weirdos side, you have about 60 seconds to do what you want, but your sent back to give the Normies some time to rebuild. both sides are able to communicate with each other using Communication Kiosks- which sends notifications to your team saying stuff like “Theyre coming over.” , “I’m going to go get supplys” , and more. Both sides have classes.

  • Duolingo - Spam the other teams communication kiosk with notifications asking if you did your french lesson yet.

  • OmniMan - You got buffed strength and speed.

  • Stonks - Every knockout you get, you get money. invest that money in unlocking gadgets for the rest of the team.

  • Skibidi - (why am I doing this) spawn small toilets that fight back.


  • Drake - Gain a stick

  • Zendaya - Tom Holland constantly supply’s you with money- used to upgrade your base.

  • Kanye West - Get the Kardashian family to fight for you.

  • ISHOWSPEED - have a infinite supply of meat on your table.

  • Caseoh - Eat randoms things around the map. the more you eat- the stronger you get.

There. that’s my weird game for ya. I need concepts and ideas for the game, so leave your ideas here ig.


Add a “Rizzler” character that lowers the bad guy’s health naturally. But you also have no starting weapon.


" here comes gen alpha "


Hmm, no problem. I don’t know how that would work though.

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just gotta pray, pray, pray.

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perhaps like make “rizz” potions using a crafting table and using it on bad guys or smth (this is weird)

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hmm…weird nerds…they spam you with random weird facts?

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Add a (i cant believe im typing this) “Sigma” character that deals damage by calling people cringe.


I have four class I wanna ask about.




for all of them. AYO? and WHY?!


Hmm, maybe it can also tell you where all the people on the other team?

err. don’t ask me. its called being friends with a bunch of the stereotypical offensive reddit users

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The Normie classes seem a little OP (Not including Drake)
You get money, extra fighters, infinite food, ect

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Add ratio. You can “flash kapow” someone, kinda like a splash potion and when they step in add a bunch of popups that say “YOU GOT RATIO’D” make a popup loop for 7 seconds.


Add Mattpat, doing basically the same things as the post above but with “THAT’S JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY.” instead


yeah that would work. I can add it- maybe add a random integer to make it so it has a different message each time.

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Make the popups green. Or blue. Or red. Or yellow.

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There are so many questions I have right now

fire away @AshDock2010

Yeah that would work…maybe add where they can have knowladge of advanced crafting and planting recipes?