Help with questioner correct answer streak!

How do I change the amount of energy a player recieves per correct answer everytime they get a question right?

Maybe every time the streak increases a property is incremented, then connect the questioner to an item granter that checks that property and grants a certain amount depending on the property’s amount.

I’ve tried that, but it still doesn’t work…

Is there a work around?

What’s your blockcode/set-up for that?

Do this:

Question answered correctly → increment counter (tied to property “energyperquestion” which is numerical)

Question answered correctly → run wire pulse block

Grant player selected item (custom amount) [1 x (get property) [energyperquestion])

You must do the first wire as increment counter because of auo


Oh ok thanks! I’ll try it.

When question answered correctly…increment counter. Have counter hooked up to property QuestionsAnswered

Then have the item granter grant property QuestionsAnswered times 5, for example.

Then if question answered incorrectly…reset counter.

Oops mysz beat me to it. :(


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It doesn’t want to work…

block code and property screenshots?



What specifically isn’t working? AUO might have also screwed you over.

Wow nvm. I am so so sorry @here for taking up time. I always have a lil tiny mistakes in my desgining of my game lol. Sorry. Thank you anyways!

Anything takes up time. Also if we are on here helping, we probably have time to burn anyways lol.


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