Help With PVP and zones

The players get teleported into a zone where PVP is disabled, but when I teleport them out they still can’t shoot (The sentries that they teleport near can still shoot)

Make a zone in the no shooting area and turn off gadget fire. ( you can resize it to as big as the area)

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you have to have those one new the players be on the same team, otherwise they will still shoot.


Sorry I had a typo bc International Keyboard was on, it should be “can’t”, not “can”

(I’m recreating Call Of Duty in Gimkit)


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Any ideas on how to enable PVP after being teleported out of the No-PVP-Zone?

The effect should enable right after players leave the zone, becaue it is only working in that zone.

If the player can’t see the edge of the zone when teleporting,then the zone doesn’t render.

Oh, that might be why…

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It still won’t work

Check this out:

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This happened to me. I fixed this by making another zone that you can shoot in where you go out of the zone that disables shooting.

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