Help with prop damage

Is there a way to make a prop take damage UNDERNEATH the player?
I am trying to make spleef as a mini game….

Well, since platforming does not exist, maybe spleef isn’t possible yet.

Well I have the “platforming” part down, I just need the damage part…

well, you can disable pvp damage in the settings under teams, so then players are immune but props can be damaged

other than that, I don’t know

No, I mean I wanted the prop underneath me (it is) but even with the damage settings on, I cannot damage it.

how is it under you? is it on the below layer, is the collision off, etc

Both. I have tried both, separate and together. None works because if collision is off, then it will not damage.

how do you make the players fall when the props are knocked out?

Zones under each object

They activate when the object is destroyed

and then what? the player is teleported down or respawned? [trying to understand the system so I can think of a workaround]

this is impossible at the current moment no matter what layer props are on they still take dmg same goes for zones no matter the layer they still take effect

Respawned after touching the zone

Um that is the problem… the props are NOT taking damage…. And zones is not the issue.

yes there is no way to make a prop take damage and still be able to be stepped on

Bummer…. Okey dokey…. Anyone have ideas for mini games then? Lol

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