Help with prop art (Factory generator)

So, I (Or I think I am) pretty good at prop art, but making this is a tad bit difficult for me, so I need some help

Finished product:


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i can’t do barrier art but im sure you got this :), just get @WolfTechnology to help he can find people

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metal poles, metal signs, 3D printers and barriers. That’s all you need, and to RBG the poles and signs to make the color wires and stuff.

I do know a lot of people who can help on things idk, but art is my strong suit. So I think i can help with this, but thanks for the recommendation.

:heart: (im out of hearts)

What do you think looks better (for the center thing)

barrel tinted

we have a trashcan? but maybe a barrel colored

It’s called “trash bin” in the props section. But not many people use it so yeah, it’s a thing.

oof- im good with barrier art, not this… :open_mouth:

well i use the prop section often and ive never seen its why im suprised

your good.

Its sort of the same thing, just with different shapes.

It pretty far down, Like vertical space bed far down

i like creating my own shapes, Lol.

yeah, isn’t there a guide on every prop?

Yes, Idk if it’s in there

Yeah, i just wish the were more barrier types, like trapezoid or cylinder.

let me look.

YESSSSSS! that would literly make my guides more complex!

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