Help with probably one of the hardest gimkit games to be created (Gim-3008)

Some things I have to say

Where I agree

You are right that having big devices can make the game run out of memory
And it will be a big project

Where I disagree

It may not be as big as Betthatimbetter wants, but he can still make a few really lifelike things. He can also split it into 3 different games.


You could, with a coordinate system or a system like the Drawing Board I made. It would just not be smooth at all.

You could with a coordinate system, however you still need 10,000 * the props you want to randomly generate in a 100x100 map for random map generation. I have a basic idea for a HUD and a damage indicator though.

Im back everyone. thx for waiting

Any more ideas? Need some

Maybe add some spots to hide from the SCP-3008 employees? Since we can’t add a building system to the game.

I’m going to work on this now that we have the new devices