Help with probably one of the hardest gimkit games to be created (Gim-3008)

Hey everyone,

I know I have mentioned this before but I am just getting into gimkit creative. I have been playing a lot of gimkit and roblox lately and I have an idea that is both most likely impossible and would be crazy to actually make. But i’m going to need a lot of help from community.

Here is the idea:

Make an SCP-3008 style game but in gimkit. Yeah. Crazy. I call it GIM-3008. I need help with coding design and gim designs for this game. Please feel free to make request on Easter eggs, etc.

Thank you Everyone!


Interesting idea. However, how are you going to simulate an infinite store?

Me personally I have tried to do SCP 3008 let me tell you this…


I think that I will make it pretty big but will eventually add walls so that no one can get out. It wont be infinite.

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or you could place strategically placed teleporters so it looks infinite

I would use emojis with the text device to add layers that you can use to make things more lifelike

As for Easter eggs I would recommend adding a secret room behind a bookshelf. You could do this by making the bookcase have no collision and have a zone that teleport you inside the bookcase.

No clipping into the backrooms?

good idea! Ill try that too!

seems like a good idea for that! personally, I was gonna suggest a secret weaponry

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Sometimes in my maps I do a variation of that where I add a secret shop to get better weapons. This gives creative players who are observant and curious a bonus for trying to find secrets.

Interesting idea, but like you mentioned, you are pretty new. A lot of people get excited to make BIG games when they start using any game engine and they usually end up quitting the project because it was overwhelming for them. OR is they do finish it, it isn’t nearly to the quality you want.

My advice: Wait a while until you’re more comfortable with GKC. You can continue the project but don’t be surprised if you find yourself not wanting to work on the project anymore because you aren’t sure what your doing.

Nonetheless, Good Luck! :+1:

Also, make your help topics more specific, like asking for what code and ideas you need help with as well as what kind of gims you want.

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ok. do you think I would just use one of the interactive devices for that?

good point, I love adding secrets to my games. it just adds a whole new level of exploration

gtg. keep adding ideas. I’ll be back soon

In some of my games I have deleted I made these other Easter eggs

Trash collector

In this Easter egg after collecting trash (usually bottles or metal scraps) you can go to trash cans and put trash in there to get a reward.

Sentry quest

Make a sentry who says he wants something. However, make the sentry hard to find to add more secrecy. Went asking the sentry what he wants, he won’t tell you exactly, but gives hints. Once brought to them they will give a reward. An example could be, “I want something shiny, and valuable. I’m also really hungry” The player would then find a gimberry.


Add a little hole in the wall where a sentry family lives. :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

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Gimkit doesn’t support object orientated programming so you can’t really create randomized maps; nor can you pick up and move objects visually or create mobs that follow and attack the player.

I know. We’re just gonna try our best

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You can still add sentries to knock-out at the player. And, by using zones and wire repeaters you can make the illusion a creature is chasing you, and can hurt you by activating zones that deal damage. It’s like using stop motion: it doesn’t look the greatest, but you still can make it look lifelike.

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In a small map, sure. However, in a bigger map you would run out of memory before you actually get in any other mechanic. (ie a hunger and object placing system)

*100x100 map = 50,000 memory, or 50x50 boxes (the size only 2x bigger than the waiting room inside classic gimkit games) for 50,000 memory.

for hunger you can just start a player with 10 of a specific item, take a item tracker to show player how long they have left untill they dle from starving, also take a repeter, set it to every 20 secs or so, and connect it to a item granter that give -1 of that item and make a item cap 10 for the item