Help with player energy

so- two questions-

Context: Im making a stardew valley-esc map and- im doing the thing where you gain energy slowly when laying in bed so-

  1. How would i make it so you gain energy slowly over time rather than all at once?
  2. how can i make it cap at a certain number?

use inventory item manager for a cap limit.
use a loop wired to an item granter that grants energy.

You can use an inventory item manager to add a cap and a repeater that grants the item if you’re in a zone

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so do you mean like forever? if so a lifecycle divice and make it game start then a repeater with stop repeater when recive on channel and leave it blank and the repeater with a item granter. and if you want people to get them in a certain place what Fulcrum-19 said

why loop wire? I think repeater would be eazier.

but a wire repeater loop is more memory efficient js saying

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