Help with player coordinates

I need help to make the coordinates show how far you are from the nearest player.

First, get the coordinates of the first player, and then subtract the coordinates of the second person. Then, display that in a overlay.

how would you get coordinates from both people if you can only have one property and one player coordinates?

I think you can just use a waypoint on a player, but I could be wrong. If not, then use your “X” and your “Y” minus their “X” and their “Y.”

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But you can only have one x property and one y property and you are limited to one player coordinate.

How far in what unit? Meters?

It does not mater what the unit is.

I’m pretty sure you can set the scope of that property as “player”, and the property will be different for each player. Let me do some testing real quick…

gimguy’s is right… just use a waypoint… it uses the same units (i know you don’t care) and it saves memory

yes, that does work but you can not get the property of multiple players because it is still the same property.

mark gim guy’s solution… I just repeated it…

You know, waypoints can be set to point towards players. I’ve seen it.

If you wanted to display it as a distance in an overlay, then you want to turn their player-scoped property into a global scoped property, and do the same with yours, and then subtract them.

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