Help with picture

I need help with insert a picture to My MAP not My kit google has not been much of a help latley

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you cannot put an image in the map itself.

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Oh well I saw that someone did it on a disovery map they were toilets

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Oh! you mean the thumbnail!

Make sure you use the right image type, like a .png.

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that was an emoji, you can place a text box device and you can add emois n it and you ca scale the size from 1 to 100. And as @CassiusDoomlorde

when you add a image to the thumbnail.


how? because I cant find that

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you go to the settings menu of your map click β€œpublish” and make sure you are level 50 and have 1k gimbucks, or if you have season ticket that does matter then. Then you should see this screen, add your thumbnail here(aka image).

k thank you. you have been a big help


Your welcome, let me know if i can help you with anything else!

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