Help with overlays/counters

i need it so that when a counter reaches its target, an overlay disappears (ik this sounds dumb but i tried it and it just wont work :frowning: )

you should be able to say when it reaches its target it deactivates

Counter (target reached)—> overlay(deactivate)

(Counter) Target Value Reached —> (Game Overlay) Hide Overlay

1: Is this what you did?

2: Is it inactive on game start?

  1. yes 2. yes (for only team 1)

place a relay in between the counter and the overlay

What happens?
Does it not hide the Overlays?
Is this for a fnaf map?
You might have to connect them to all four overlays.
(Left Door, Right Door, Left Doorlight, Right Doorlight)

what happens: i connect the counter to a wire repeater (because my counter would run out of wires) and i make the power go out and nothing happens. doors still there (its a fnaf map) and overlays still there

Is the Wire Repeater connected to the Game Overlay?


Did you connect the wire repeater to hide the prop you used for the doors?
Also, do you need help with the freddy power outage?

i got the power outage done, making it so that a barrier with no transparency appears when counter reaches target (0). also i got it so only team 1 can actually see it.
and yes, i did

Wait, are you making the players be animatronics?
Use a Relay then and make sure the Barrier scope is team.

no im good with the barrier stuff lol i just need help with the overlays

are they set to team scope?


The Overlays?

what kind of overlay are they?

i couldnt test it till now lol sorry

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