Help with my new game

So, I’m making a new sandbox game, similar to The Hunger Games. I was afraid of adding something the GK community hates, so I wanted to make polls so everything I add the community is ok with or likes.

How this Works:

I’ll first make a poll in this topic, and the top two choices with be made another poll to finish it off. I’ll add a poll to the replies every few days.


Try not to reply unless
a. I’m breaking the rules (pretty sure I’m not)
b. Need a clarification on what one of the choices is.

Poll 1:

Should I have an energy system?
  • Yes
  • No
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Am I breaking the rules?


no you are not…also this (poll)depends, do you want game to be more free-fun game, or educational-with fun game?


Nope or I don’t think so…


<check the canva @DXCTYPE >

kinda both…

to the people who voted:
sorry but you’ll have to vote again. I was tryna make the poll end in an hour

could you gimme the link? I forgot it.

I would advise that you make the game you want to make, rather than the one others want you to make…

I would go with no, because imagine if you run out of energy while moving, (like DLD when jumping)
Unless… >:)

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In my opinion I don’t like the energy system, since it just slows you down.

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I wanted the community to kinda make this game

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Ok well yeah that kinda nullifies what i said then lol


okay, I want one update a day, so i’ll just close it here. sigh.

don’t worry, you’re not breaking the rules
as long as it’s gkc related, you’re fine!

you can easily fix this problem using notifications

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No, but it would just be frustrating.


New day, new poll!

What should I add?
  • Chat system
  • Chests (Random Loot)
  • Shop
  • Farming
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I’ll check again after school.

Currently there are 4 voters, and they each voted for a different one. lol.

This is gonna be weird, expecally if it stays that way…

Equality ig :man_shrugging:
(Random wiki)