Help with My last one standing game

How can I make it so that players get knocked out when they press a button?

just use the respawn tool, super eay

respawn device connected to a button (also if you need it to knock out multiple players use a relay) also side note
if you ever need to share c0des here are some websites you can share gimkit c0des on (kat’s website which I promised to share the link with others) (the main wix)

they cannot be knocked out by pressing a button, but you can teleport them to a room where he gets knocked out

How do I get it to work though?

wires connected in the right order

“knocked out” is only for if you got hit and then d*ed
but you can however connect the button to whatever you are trying to accomplish with “knocked out”


button pressed —> respawn player
button pressed —> increment counter

for example the button should be wired to the respawn not the respawn wired to the button which is impossible anyways

use a team changer/respawn tool and connect each one to a relay and a button for each team

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