Help with my gimkit map

i have alot of rooms but not sure what to add in terms of decorations and mechanics

also if noone wants to help me with the other situation in devices section then fine it’s not a joke nor it’s funny community is their to help in times of trouble

Dude just stop talking about this pls. You’ll probably get suspended from the forums soon. You’ve already been flagged a lot.

So here are decorations:
Living room: Sofa, Potted plant, lab table, television, bookshelf
Basement: Spider, ladybug, boxes, infected bookshelves,
Bedroom:Bed, lab table, game chair, book shelf, command table

okay sry i’m just annyoed eveyrone is accusing me of lieing also secret rooms in my game or rooms what deocraitons do i add what mechanics

Ignore his post, it sounds like a ban speedrunner.

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and this is not specific, nor is the rest of your post needed.

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we not accusing you at all,Just Try Not To Get Flagged

@Georgeholmes1, Did you read the guidelines? Or did you skip it…?

Guys, stop replying to this post…

Its not needed, this drama. Just ignore the post @Jeffo will close and unlist this post later.