Help with my game

I want it so that when YOU die, a repeater stops. Not anyone else but you, if you die, a repeater stops.

Are there two teams?

No… Just one team.

The lifecycles are if anyone dies, and that is not what I want.

I don’t think thats possiable without every player being on their own team. What is the game about? That would help.

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Soooo, I just stop the dodging minigame thing? It’s just a minigame.

The thing that needs a repeater is a dodging minigame

Yeah I guess because there is only one team.

Okay! I’ll mark a solution.

Woah, solved in 8 minutes

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I need help with another thing too:

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Because there’s something else I need help with

how about ko manager, that listens to knockouts, adn when you die run check for a specific item you have and if check successful, stop repeater

That just sees if anyone dies, I’ve already tried them.

yeah but you run a check. at start of game, you get the item that the checker checks for. nobody else will be granted the item

also knowing what game this is would be helpful. like are u using team switchers, who are the other people in the game, etc.

But, this should be working for everyone and not one person, but only if that person dies, then stop the repeater.

Only if you die, you could be anyone in the game

how do you choose special person at beginning?

Thats what i’m shooting for

You don’t choose a person at the beggining. (but you use a relay.)