Help With My game pls

How do you make it to where it is random where you spawn

make a lot of spawn pads everywhere set to game

multiple spawnpads do that

make multiple spawn locations

Use multiple spawn pads. Woah 4 replies in a second.

I tried but it just spawned me at the same one

yeah I was about to say that too

well, what are your team settings? It should work…what are the spawn pad settings?

Were they all for different teams, or were any for the host?

I need it so I can use it for my heros box pvp

they were for different teams

set it to (all teams)

so if you need random spawns for different teams just make one cluster one team and another cluster for the other team

See the game is supposed to be a free for all

did you have all the spawns for different teams? if so just set it to all teams

ok I got that to work now im trying to add power ups and I need them to be for a certain team for example the 3x damage always gives it to the wrong person

Im sorta confuzed on if this is ffa or teams. besides that you can use a relay device and set it to “random player on team” or “random player” and make it send a signal to use the power up on a player. if this works please mark a comment as a solution.

it i a ffa and i havent tried that but i dont know how to make that send a signal that I want

Do you have any screenshots of what you’re doing with the signal you’re trying to make?

Screenshot 2023-12-15 2.27.09 PM
I need the person who spawns here to gain 3x damage