Help With My Crates (Chests) In My Battle Royale

  1. My crates when you open one it doubles the item
  2. How do i make a crate not grant you an item after you open it

Try these maybe


1: idk how do do that

Button Pressed > Repeat Wire Pulse

Wire Pulse Repeated > Deactivate Button

Button Pressed > Hide Prop

if button scope is global, once somebody opens the crate, no one can open it again

if button scope is player, once a player opens a crate, that player can’t open it again

if button scope is team, once a player on team 1 opens the crate, all the other players on team 1 can’t open it

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Game C0des are not allowed here!
Edit it out of your picture please!

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Screenshot 2023-11-16 6.38.22 PM

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Sorry i forgot about that

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