Help with Movement meter

Hi! I ran into a problem with my movement meter. I have it set to not activate until it receives a signal from a channel. But when it activates, it seems to only apply to the person who activated the channel instead of globally. Usually, with other devices, there is a thing that says “when the thing is activated/deactivated who does it apply to?” But I looked and there isn’t one for the movement meter that lets me change it to global. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could make it global?

Use a relay for all players


yeah, what Neon11 said. Instead of broadcasting that channel to the movement meter, broadcast it to a relay for all players. Make the relay send on channel “activatemm” when triggered and make the movement meter activate when receiving on channel “activatemm”.


It works! Thank you both so much!

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shouldn’t you give the solve to Neon11?

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