Help with medieval Cannon

I’m trying to make a medieval cannon thing you would roll on wheels and i kind of got the main shape out, but I want other opinions to refine it. Here’s the design so far:
Screenshot 2024-03-08 21.56.18

I think its good. Keeping it nice and simple.

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yeah I agree don’t detail it too much if you make a lot of these they might take up too much memory

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i would use barriers for the cannon, barrel base and wheels with axle centers.

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Only for @WolfTechnology

in the alt wix there is some drama involving you… you might wanna check that out…


i cant get on wix, mind if you share it on here, if people flag it i will vouch for you.

No the Gimkit Creative Chat…

honestly, is there a wheel prop? im too lazy to check my heart is a bit damaged

padlet, i can try to get on that.

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you can use a shield tinted.

nice, that would work, but I think @Xa67 needs a better guide

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Guide? Huh? Wdym?

yeah thats what i did for the wheels

a better guide, like a better way of saying something

yeah but they are tinted too dark.

hows this one,
I used 2 metal signs, 2 wooden shields, 2 barrels and an armour display


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