Help with me game please

How do I make it so when a counter goes up 1, a property goes up 10.

Multiply the property by 10 whenever you use it in blocks. It saves memory over the other method.

I don’t get it, how do you do that?

Do you use block code?

a little bit, like showing a property on a overlay

Yeah you multiply by 10 when you show it.

okay, I’ll mark a solution

wait a minute, you can’t make blocks on a counter or property.

You can connect the property device to a trigger and put the blockcode there.

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ohhhhhhhh okay.

how do I do that, what’s the block code for it.

I’m not great at block code

where ‘property’ is the 10x value, and ‘counter value’ is linked to the counter

or, when you use it in a popup:

note that the property is cut off

thanks! This really helped!

De nada.


You’re welcome.

quick thing, what is the other property: Counter value. Do I make a whole new property that is the value of the counter?

@CassiusDoomlorde, ^^^^^^^^^^

The second option is likely better because it uses less blocks and properties.

In that one, you just use the property you already have in the place of ‘counter value’.

Please explain what you need in the title.

Oh, okay, thanks for helping me understand