Help with map/collab/easter egg ideas

So, I want to make a (Kinda) complicated Easter egg (Just like the old COD zombies), that is blatantly obvious, but is still confusing to figure out (I’m also open to collab with another map for my zombies game)



something gold. can be anything just gold.

Maybe, I will think about it, do you want anything special in my map because you helped


You could also do a random zone that teleports you to a zone where you can have a disco party!

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Maybe, I will keep it in mind for my arcade map, want anything special in the map because you helped

You could add a secret little note that came from a supposed soldiers diary that was ripped out which they are laying all around the map and if you find them all You get a special prize

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a sentry named gizmo2.0

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I will add that

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I like it, want anything special in the map?

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Thats a great question…

Well maybe the prize is called GimKitSuggestors Rifle

OR like a statue of me

It can be anything, a custom sentry, done, a special room, done, anything that’s in the limits of GC

The rifle will be the prize for completing the easter egg!

Maybe even based on the dates of the notes theres a little combination that gives you a golden Rifle

A combination lock, I like it!

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Can you make a little sign with my name on it and put a dragon emoji on it?

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I don’t know if this is a good idea or not, but basically you can use knockout managers to get yellow seed when you kill somebody. There is a big rock on a part of the map that can be destroyed. When the prop is destroyed it reveals a crafting table hidden behind it. With that crafting table you can use the seeds to craft a… banana?(you will need a crafting recipe, probably 5 yellow seed equal one banana) Anyways, there is a campfire at another part of the map. When you go near it(there’s a zone) it will use a checker to check if the player has a banana. If the check passes, it will give you a popup asking wether you want to eat the banana or not. Using call to action functions you can put in a yes or no. If you say no, nothing happens. However, if you say yes, something happens(like maybe a damage buff or speed buff, or a notification that says taco.)

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