Help with knockout managers

How do I do this with knockout managers, like when a player is defeated by a sentry, the player gets teleported somewhere?

i know how to do it i will show you in a bit

needed devices sentry knockout manager 2 teleporters

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You could also do this with a lifecycle.

true i uses less memory also there is a chance for bug

i recommend FUTBOIGUYS advice better

I did it, it did not teleport me to my desired teleporter

where is the tutorial? :3

still waiting for you :3

sorry i was afk if you needed help

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ok! i sitll need help :3

Lifecycle (player knocked out), Trigger(deactivated on start; active scope = player), Teleporter, Zone(shape = circle)
First, get a zone and make it so it is the exact size of the Sentry’s “vision” area (if you go to the sentry’s settings and click “edit size” you will see the circle). Place the middle of the zone over the sentry. Have it so the zone broadcasts on a channel when entered [ex. “sentryZoneEnter”] and it broadcasts on a different channel [ex. “sentryZoneLeft”] when a player leaves the zone.
Now, make the lifecycle broadcast on a channel [ex. “playerKO”] when the event occurs. Make the trigger trigger when receiving on that same channel. When the trigger is triggered make it broadcast on a channel [ex. “teleSig”]. Make the trigger activate when receiving on the zone’s enter channel [ex. “sentryZoneEnter”] and make the trigger deactivate when receiving on the zone’s player leaving channel [ex. “sentryZoneLeft”]. Finally, have the teleporter teleport player to it when receiving on the trigger’s trigger channel [ex. “teleSig”].
That should work.


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can you provide a screenshot pls? so its less complicated :3

Sorry, I’m too lazy.

that would be true except i’m not that rude. sure i can get some pics. i just came back from july 4th festivities so don’t expect anything soon…

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Sentry + Zone Shaping:

(The zone is under the sentry. You can just estimate it like I did!)


That’s all the pictures. Just note that this isn’t the best system but it’s one of the closest you can get for “sentry knocks out player” detection I think.

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Ok thank you! I’ll try it, and when typing atnthe selected channel, do you just type it and then it works already? or do I need to set something first so the channel works, I mean like setting something on a trigger so I make a channel??

Just type the correct channels in the correct devices and it’ll work.

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thank you!! Its kinda complicated so this might take a while, thank you!