Help with kills

I want to end the game when everyone on one team (team 1) is killed. its for a fnaf map.

Look in battle-royale

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when it says “make it increment ___ by one” how do i do that? i see no block for that

it isn’t a block, it’s an option in the counter device

[an excellent device, great for modifying number properties without blocks]


is it possible to like
count how many players are on team 1
and if players dead = team 1 player amount
It ends the game?

you can set a ko manager to when it goes off from a ko, game ends.

no, because more than 1 player

thats what im trying to do :confused:

You could use a live player counter that checks how many people are on team 1 every 0.5 seconds, I suggest you use this guide:

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That’s only for An individual though, what if all of team 1 is dead, but team three and two are still alive?

You could set the relay mentioned in the guide for all players on team 1.

That wouldn’t work. Anyway’s, i have to go now.

Ok, maybe you could try that when the game starts, a relay is triggered for team 1 that sends a wire pulse to a counter, and there’s a lifecycle that checks when a player gets knocked out. If a player does get knocked out, it sends a wire pulse to a trigger device, and with block code, it checks if the knocked player is on team 1, it sends a channel to the counter, telling it to decrement, if the value reaches 0, the game ends.

im checking for only team 1, thanks for your concern tho

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whats a repeater stop strategy? it just says " Set the repeater stop strategy to receiving on a channel, and DON’T PUT ANYTHING. "

there is a setting on repeater that says stop strategy (when it will stop) he wants you to choose when channel broadcasted from the dropdown of settings…and have no channel picked.

Go to repeater settings scroll down to stop strategy click the dropdown and set it to channel then leave it blank!

![Screenshot 2023-12-12 3.57.42 PM|365x500]

Thanks for the explanation though. :slight_smile:

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