Help with item removal!

In a new game I’m making, you encounter this sentry that you’re not able to “exterminate”. When you get knocked out, you will lose all your gear. But how will I deactivate this system?

you can track when the player is ko’d sentry deactivates on a channel.

What should I make to do that?

you can maybe use a knockout manager and item remover and when player gets KOed —> remove items

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use a ko manager and have it use a channel for the sentry on deactiavtion in its settings.

Thank you! I’m very happy that y’all helped me!

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Your welcome, and that’s what we do around here :slight_smile:


Wait. Never mind. I have a :new: problem. Now, the items aren’t leaving my inventory!

Well, It’s time for lunch. I gotta go.

Put a trigger between the lifecycle and item granters. Then all you need to do is activate or deactivate the trigger to activate or deactivate the entire system.

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