Help with GimKit character

How to make gimkit character with barriers

I would recommend you move this to the art tag

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Okay I’ll do that now

Well if you just want a gim you can use a sentry and decorate it with barriers or emojis


Thanks I’ll do that now


Isn’t the art tag for art guides only?

No, I think it is for art related things

I removed it, since the post itself didn’t have art.

So it is for guides only?

Yeah, most tags are for guides.

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We didn’t really set a big criteria for it, I’ve seen some help posts with that. To be flexible I’ll leave help posts that have a screenshot with art the way it is.

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Are you allowed to tho

It’s my post I can do what I want

We kind of need to have a standard for tags so they don’t get misused. But if you do insist you can add it.

No it’s fine I don’t need the tag

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