Help with getting Energy

My students are working on the their gimkit but they can’t figure out how the little people get energy from answering questions.

This is already in the Gimkit Creative documentation!

If you don’t want players to be able to answer questions from anywhere and instead have to answer questions at the questioner itself, just connect the Questioner to an Item Granter.

(Questioner) Question Answered Correctly --> (Item Granter) Grant Item

You could also use this as an add-on to the original documenation guide, and add the Item Granter to it.


They connected the questioner and the the item granter for energy but it is still not granting them the energy. Is there anything else that they can do to get it to work?

did you set the item granter to grant energy?

Did you set a kit in the questoner?

Yeah, they did. They looked it up and did everything it said they should do.

Yes were able to do that.

so know you should have them wire the questioner to the item granter with energy, and then go to the map options button and make the score not knock outs but specific item ammount and then set that item to energy, only do that if you are trying to have the energy the score…

Well, this is the same problem I had. People said using channels will work. To do that, go to the questioner, tell it to brodcast a message. It doesn’t matter what it’s called but it HAS to be a new message. Tell the Item Granter to grant item when they recive your message.

Put down a game overlay and set the overlay type to button and label it “Answer questions” Then wire it to the questioner. When game overlay clicked > Open Question answering screen. Then copy and paste your URL for your kit into the kit link space for the question answerer.
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