Help with game overlays

How do you make a game overlay button that only one team can use? I did it with a relay and set it to one team, but people on the other team could use it.

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Can you take a screenshot of what you have?


It is in random places and I have so many wires, you can’t tell which wire is which.

I did screen overlay → relay → barrier.

when overlay pressed trigger relay, when relay trigger deactivate barrier

Try doing Lifecycle (Game Start) → Relay (Team 1) → Overlay (Show overlay) and then the overlay to deactivate the barrier.

hey getrithekd do you know if overlays have scopes

The overlay active scope needs to be player.


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Doesn’t really matter, but it’s better to have a smaller scope. I’ve never seen a situation where you need a team scope instead of a player scope.

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use TEAM SCOPE, there is no reason to use player scope just because you can, if you want to help accurately tell them to use the scope associated with what they need help with. They asked about it to be by team so only say team…No hate intended but not setting it to right scope can start a lot of failures, this should be common sense…No this IS common sense…gimkit added scopes for a reason.

also this is supposed to be set to where only one team can use, setting it to player makes no logical sense, think! team scope is added for a reason…

again no hate intended, just think it through next time please, I myself have had maps messed up because of scope failures, a multiple year game that I finally had almost finished, it took years…messed up because of scope mess ups…and I did not realize till I had already scrapped the map.

Sorry for the word overload in my post above, but @2514 if you got a solution please mark a solution.

Player scope allows for more control over the game. You can disable it for any potential people that are out of the game and other things.

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It also messes with the fact this this is set to be only used by 1 team, its easier to have the event to happen to a team in whole…as they did not ask for by player events, they asked for by team, set to 1 team.

but whatever…

They’re using a relay…

yes and when i implemented relays and player scope for something for a team it completely ruined a map that i worked on for years.
since the moment I saw creative came out I was working on that map. :sob: